Mold in my house!? - NO, THANKS!

Skimmelsvamp i mit hus!? – NEJ TAK!

Efficient mold control

Mold control can be exetuted in differernt stages. First, you have to identify where and how the issue has occured.


Often, mold occurs in basements within older houses, but can also occur in other rooms aswell. In order to protect against mold you need to clean your walls, and any mold remains need to be removed. When the walls are cleaned you can proceed in future-proofing your rooms by re-insulating, which will control mold permanently.


SkamoWall is developed by Skamol A/S and compose the perfect wall insulation system, ensuring a permanent mold removal. Germany has utilized the system for over 20 years, and there is not recorded any issues with mold after mounting the SkamoWall system.


Mold prevention must NOT be prolonged by products that are unfit for use. SkamoWall is the long-term and long-lasting solution, which secures permanent mold control.